Company Profile
Company Profile

Goldwood is an international property development company, currently operating in Turkey and Eastern Europe. With a primary focus on developing residential units, the company also includes commercial and retail properties in its scope. 

Goldwood’s remarkable performance in creating the best projects in the market is widely recognised and appreciated by our clients, giving Goldwood an enviable reputation. Now more than ever, the team strives to maintain that trust and to satisfy clients needs beyond their expectations.

Our ambitious team promised to bring a new perspective to the property business from the beginning, and has never deflected from that mission. Their vision and great potential gives the company impetus going into the future. 

Encouraged by its past performance, Goldwood aims to enlarge the volume of its operations in its existing markets, as well as to launch operations in other countries of the region.

Simply put, Goldwood’s aim is to provide clients with the homes they have dreamed of for so long. In doing so, we make sure that they get the highest value and return for their money. Huge effort is spent understanding our customers needs right from the begining. Based on the customer requirements Goldwood sets out to deliver a home with outstanding architectural design and of the highest quality.

Quality of the homes, as well as their timely delivery is our main concern and can never be sacrificed. Thanks to our subsidiaries with solid construction background, Goldwood is one of the most powerful companies in the region in delivering homes in a timely manner and with the highest quality. Being aware of what difference can quality make, Goldwood is in a continuous effort to put its quality standards higher day by day.

Goldwood pays utmost attention to customer satisfaction therefore puts a lot of effort to customer care services, not leaving the homeowners alone until they are fully satisfied with their homes.

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